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Durable & Reliable Equipment

Reliable Wheel Products Ltd. products are designed and manufactured to withstand virtually all rigorous operating conditions both above and below the surface. Since 1993, Reliable Wheel Products have consistently proven their durability and reliability in extreme circumstances. All Reliable Wheel Products equipment and systems are manufactured utilizing customer specifications where applicable, to at least meet but normally exceed world-wide industry standards.

All Reliable Wheel Products equipment and systems are locally produced under the watchful eyes of Reliable Wheel Products quality assurance personnel. By reviewing the "Features & Benefits" attached to each product grouping, one will readily conclude that the design/engineering employed by Reliable Wheel Products is very focused on safety and economic efficiency. The objective of reducing manpower requirements without sacrificing any safety factors yields substantial financial benefit to those users of Reliable Wheel Products equipment.

"Attention to detail" has been, and continues to be, a long term commitment to consumers by RWP. Just a few examples of this are:

  • Power-driven wheels on all Super-lift Jacks permit safe and quick positioning of the jack
  • Foam-filled tires on heavy-lift jack equipment for easy access and mobility
  • Wider bases on all jacks and stands for greater stability and security
  • Two heavy-duty extensions provided at "no charge" with each original jack or stand purchase
  • Easy access to air or electric hydraulic line service outlets on Tire Press Centers and ManLifts
  • Tool storage areas conveniently located on Tire Press Centers and ManLift equipment
  • Optional extra safety railings and work stations available on selected units
  • Positioning dollies available for equipment stands providing safe work environment
  • And much more...

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