Which jack is best for which mining vehicle?

CAT 777F - Superlift SJ200-33 (Electric or Pneumatic 200 Ton Jack)
CAT 793F - Superlift SJ250-38 (Electric or Pneumatic 250 Ton Jack)
CAT 992 Loader - Superlift SJ125-18 (Pneumatic 125 Ton Jack)
CAT 988 Loader - Superlift SJ125-27 (Pneumatic 125 Ton Jack)
Komatsu 960E - Superlift SJ250-38 (Electric or Pneumatic 250 Ton Jack)

What safety features are available with an Reliable Wheel Products jack?

Safety Cribbing, Power Drive, Remote Operation, Lighting, Hand Protection, Safe Distance of Controls

Do we need to purchase direct or can we buy through a distributor?

There are several Reliable Wheel Products distributors throughout the world. Should you wish to purchase through a distributor, we can recommend one in your part of the world.

What is the standard lead time on purchasing Reliable Wheel Products equipment?

We typically can produce Jacks, Stands or Manlifts in 2 - 4 weeks with 10 - 14 weeks for our Tire Press centres.

Can you provide product manuals in other languages?

Yes. We can provide our manuals in multiple languages with the purchase of our equipment.

Which Tire Press models can also function as a safety cage?

All Tire Press models will perform the same function a safety cage.

Does purchasing parts from other sources void my warranty?

Yes. Reliable Wheel replacement parts

Where is Reliable Wheel Products equipment made?

At our facility in Surrey, British Columbia.

Which features make Reliable Wheel Products jacks unique?

Reliable Wheel Products jacks offer provide optional features that other jack do not including Torsion axels, Safety Cribbing, Power Drive, Remote Operation, Lighting and Hand Protection.

What is the life span of a Reliable Wheel product?

With appropriate use and maintenance, Reliable Wheel Products should last 20 years or more.

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