• Casing and rim conditioner
  • Protects against rust
  • Lubricates tire casings
  • Helps reduce heat-build up in tires
  • Restricts air loss due to porosity
  • Facilitates easy removal of tire from rim
  • Fluid to 40 degrees C
  • Used in a variety of off-road and commercial highway applications
  • Available in 20oz bag, 4litre jug, 205 litre barrel and 1,000 litre tote

Freylube NoRimRust:

  • Mounting lubricant
  • Patented formula contains no water
  • Reduces rust build-up on rim surfaces
  • Does not break-down in high temperature
  • Low cost per application
  • Recommended by Alcoa
  • 100% guarantee
  • Used in all applications including mining and construction

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