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Add-ons and Extensions

Superlift Jack Options

A series of add-ons and extensions that work with our Jacks.

Locking Collar Set

Locking Collars allows operators to secure the load in the event of a malfunction. A locking collar rack for storage of the load lock pieces is available on all jack models.

Fork Receivers

Can easily be added to any models for those sites that prefer to move their equipment around by forklift.

Foam Tires

Provide additional durability to the jack eliminating potential downtime.

Hand Guards

Provide the operator with additional hand protection.

Handle Tilt

Useful for jacks operating on low-profile or subterranean machines. Allows the operator to better position the jack under the equipment being worked on.

Torsion Axel

Provides suspension to the jack enabling the operator to better move the equipment over rough surfaces and reduces the potential for bent axles and tire damage when not operating on concrete.

Power Drive

Allows the operator to move the jack into position with minimum effort. This option is included on all larger jack models.

LED Lighting

Allows the operator to better position the jack under the desired lift point. Ideal for working in dimly lit areas or subterranean machines.

Remote Operation

Allows the operator to operate the jack at a safe distance from the load. Available both as wired or wireless.

Pressure/Tonnage Gauge

Enable the measuring of PSI (BAR) or the amount of tonnage being lifted.

Swivel Cap

Prevents the possibility of side loading when operating on a surface that is not perfectly level.

Extension Cart

Provides storage for extensions when not in use.

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