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Quieter operation better performance

Electric Hydraulic Jacks

About Our Electric Hydraulic Jacks

Offering all of the power and reliability as our Pneumatic Jacks, Reliable Wheel Products Electric Jacks are available in all capacities and lift points. Quieter operation, better performance at elevation and speed of operation are a few of the reasons for choosing a Superlift Electric Hydraulic Jack.

Electric models can be manufactured to meet your electrical requirements.

Superlift Electric Options include

  • LED Lighting
  • Safety Cribbing
  • Foam–filled Tires
  • Remote Operation
  • Power Drive (included on jacks over 200-Tons)
  • Flex Axles
  • Hand Guards
  • Adjustable Handles
  • Fork Receptors
  • Locking Collars
  • Tonnage Gauge
  • Extension Cart

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