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Tire Press Centers videoWatch the video above to see a Reliable Wheel
Tire Press Center in action
The Reliable Wheel Tire Press was originally developed more then 30 years ago primarily for mining operations wishing to safely and quickly mount, demount or inflate Giant or Off The Road (OTR) tire assemblies. Of the many reason customers choose to purchase Reliable Wheel Tire Press Centers include extending the life of the tire carcass, tire bead, and rim as a result of the substantially reduced handling damage when mounting and demounting multi-piece assemblies. Customers using this equipment also find that they are able to realize tremendous savings in time and manpower costs.

What are the benefits of a Reliable Wheel Tire Press that can help you?

  • An option of having electrical and air outlets at strategic locations on the press
  • A cleaning station option for rim repair, cleaning and inspection of rims
  • A low-oil shut off system for safety and preventative maintenance
  • All access hoses that auto-retract for better safety and convenience
  • Wide cylinder diameter for better durability and longevity
  • A unique slide table system that allows for better access and visibility
  • A 2-speed pump which provides better control regardless of the load
  • 50HP Baldor motor providing unmatched power and reliability
  • Lighting package option
  • Air, and electrical lines installation option
  • Large hydraulic system (110 gal. or 415L tank) provides support for auxiliary equipment
  • Custom paint option available
  • Wireless or line remote options available
  • Access stairs with railings and anti-slip protection
  • Perform the function of a “safety inflation cage”

Which Reliable Wheel Tire Press is best for our needs?

  • TP-1500 changing tire sizes 25 thru 45 inch tire sizes
  • TP-2500 changing tire sizes 33 thru 49 inch tire sizes
  • TP-3500 changing tire sizes 33 thru 51 inch tire sizes
  • TP-4500 changing tire sizes 33 thru 57 inch tire sizes
  • TP-5500 changing tire sizes 57 and 63 inch tire sizes*
  • TP-6000 changing tire sizes 57 and 63 inch tire sizes*

*Note: these models are expandable to handle the next generation of OTR tires.

If you are still unsure as to which Reliable Wheel Tire Press to choose from, please contact us and let us know which equipment you are working with and we can make a recommendation to you.

Additional Tire Press Options:

  • Lifting bars for easy repositioning of rims
  • Jib crane with hoist and power trolley
  • Press molded tool cabinets
  • Additional access stairs
  • Safety laser fence system
  • Crack inspection kit for rims
  • Small Wheel Kit to assist in the demounting of small tire assemblies
  • Additional Deck Safety Railing
  • 2-Year Spare Parts Set
  • Clamp Rack
  • Oil Tank Heater
  • Installation & Training Support

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