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developed in 1979

Tire Press Centers

The Beginning

The Reliable Wheel Tire Press was originally developed in 1979 primarily for mining operations wishing to safely and quickly mount, demount or inflate Giant or Off The Road (OTR) tire assemblies. Of the many reason customers choose to purchase Reliable Wheel Tire Press Centers include extending the life of the tire body, tire bead, and rim as a result of the substantially reduced handling damage when mounting and demounting multi-piece assemblies. Customers using this equipment also find that they are able to realize tremendous savings in time and manpower costs.

Benefits of a Reliable Wheel Tire Press


  • Safety: Not only has there never been an accident reported using a Reliable Wheel Tire Press, many operations using OTR equipment have chosen to use a Tire Press due to the greatly reduced safety risk in inflation, mounting and demounting procedures.
  • Speed: There is a time certainty to demounting tires with a tire press. Regardless of the condition of the wheel or tire, every demounting operation using a tire press can be completed in minutes as opposed to hours or even days with conventional methods.
  • Inspection: A Tire Press provides an excellent platform for tire and wheel inspection. Tire technicians can easily determine whether or not any part of tire and wheel assembly should be removed from service.
  • Value Added: Demounting a tire on a tire press is less damaging to all parts of the wheel assembly. Flanges, bead bands, rims and tires can all be damaged when removed with bead breakers.
  • Better Resource Allocation: Less time spent removing a tire allows key personnel and equipment time to be spent on other areas.
  • Tire Bay Availability: At most OTR sites, tire bay space is at a premium. The ability to quickly and easily change tires and do preventative maintenance allows for smaller inventories of new tires as well as less space required for storing tires.

Which Reliable Wheel Tire Press is best for your needs?

  • TP-1500 changing tire sizes 20 thru 39 inch tire sizes
  • TP-2500 changing tire sizes 25 thru 49 inch tire sizes
  • TP-3500 changing tire sizes 33 thru 51 inch tire sizes
  • TP-4500 changing tire sizes 35 thru 57 inch tire sizes
  • TP-5500 changing tire sizes 45 and 63 inch tire sizes*
  • TP-6000 changing tire sizes 45 and 63 inch tire sizes*
  • *Note: these models are expandable to handle the next generation of OTR tires.

If you are still unsure as to which Reliable Wheel Tire Press to choose from, please contact us and let us know which equipment you are working with and we can make a recommendation to you.

Additional Tire Press Options

  • Lifting bars for easy repositioning of rims
  • Jib crane with hoist and power trolley
  • Additional access stairs
  • Safety laser fence system
  • Crack inspection kit for rims
  • Small Wheel Kit to assist in the demounting of small tire assemblies
  • Additional Deck Safety Railing
  • 2-Year Spare Parts Set
  • Clamp Rack
  • Oil Tank Heater
  • Video Monitoring System
  • Remote Operation
  • LED Lighting
  • Extended Deck
  • Oil Tank Cooler
  • Extended Warranty
  • Installation & Training Support

The advantages of Reliable Wheel Products Tire Press Centers.

  • Enormous savings in both labour and time when de-mounting or mounting tires.
  • Eliminates most OTR Tire-related safety concerns when changing tires.
  • RWP Tire Presses utilize 50 HP (37KW) motors for larger tire presses and 30 HP (22KW) motors for smaller ones.
  • RWP uses a 2-pump High/Low system for speed under no-load and better control when under load.
  • Additional safety-related options available.
  • Paint colours can be customized on all tire presses.
  • RWP has an extra-large hydraulic system 305L tank to support other tools/equipment in conjunction with the Tire Press power grid with a “low-oil” shut off system.
  • The slide table used on RWP Tire Presses provides easy access when loading tires.
  • Both wired and wireless remote opration available.
  • Competitive pricing and short lead times on all models.
  • RWP Tire Presses can be found in every corner of the world with many machines continuing to function perfectly after 25+ years in service.

Tools and Solutions

RWP Tire Press Models

Model #Min. Tire SizeMax. Tire Size

* Both the TP-5500 and the TP-6000 are expandable and designed to work with the world’s largest tires.

** The basic models of the TP-5500 and the TP-6000 are designed to work on tires from 45” to 63”. A 35” option can be added for operations that frequently work with tires smaller than 45”.

Tire Press Options

Part NumberProduct NameDescription
1 Ton Jib Crane
2 Ton Jib Crane
3 Ton Jib Crane

Available in 1, 2 & 3-Ton models, the cranes utilize an electric hoist, providing the ability to lift wheel attaching parts

LED Lighting

Provides additional light to the operation. Ideal for low-light areas

Power Trolley

Provides powered positioning of the Jib Crane

Small Wheel

Enables quick and easy demounting of smaller wheel assemblies

Clean & Inspect Station

Provides all necessary tools to clean wheel assemblies for inspection and mounting

Crack Inspection Kit

Kit using NDT technology to detect cracks in the wheel ensuring that wheels are safe for continued service

2-Year Spare Parts

Includes all commonly replaced spare parts required within the first 2 years of operation

Laser Fence

The laser fence is an additional safety measure used to shut down the operation of the tire press if crossed by personnel

Ghost Wheel

Available in 57″ or 63″ and used to quickly extract flanges and bead bands

Deck Safety Railing

Safety Railing on deck

Extended Deck

Provides additional deck space on platform

Oil Tank Heater

Ensures that hydraulic fluid is kept at an ideal temperature while operating in harsh climates

Clamp Rack

Provides convenient storage for clamps when not in use

Additional Deck Access Point

Includes a second set of stairs and access platform

Wireless Remote

Allows 4-function control of the equipment via remote pack 

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